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Other local club events

name date place club email
Meeting VC Charleroi AUG 16-16, 2020 Charleroi VC Charleroi LINK
Meeting VC Sembreville AUG 23-23, 2020 Sembreville VC Sembreville LINK
Meeting VC Tessenderlo AUG 30-30, 2020 Tessenderlo VC Tessenderlo LINK
Meeting VC Gràce-Hollogne SEP 06-06, 2020 Gràce-Hollogne VC Gràce-Hollogne LINK
Meeting VC Brugge SEP 12-12, 2020 Brugge VC Brugge LINK
Meeting VC Flèron SEP 13-13, 2020 Flèron VC Flèron LINK
Meeting VC Bruxelles SEP 27-27, 2020 Bruxelles VC Bruxelles LINK
Meeting VC Sint-Niklaas OCT 04-04, 2020 Sint-Niklaas VC Sint-Niklaas LINK
Meeting VC Gent NOV 11-11, 2020 Gent VC Gent LINK